DUO Bag, a new concept of customized bags!

Fashion, cosmetics, perfumes, jewellery, food, hotel businesses… Any sector is in search of getting closer to its customers by offering customized products. That’s why in Girones Industrial we opt for manufacturing products that can be customized to the maximum. With this in mind, we have created the DUO Bag, a new concept of bag.

The DUO Bag is a paper bag with a cardboard support 100% customizable. It is a new application of paper bag made of: a) The bag and a string, with different colours to choose among and b) the support that covers the bag on the upper part and due to which a higher degree of customization is enabled.

Thanks to our printing technology, we can create minimum quantities. Moreover, each of these bags can be customized UP TO THE UNIT because of the support we put on the cover.
With DUO Bags we turn an image element like bags into something that makes our customers stand out and be absolutely customized.

For more information, please contact us at judith.paricio@gironesindustrial.com.