Customized sticker collections!

Who hasn’t ever collected and swapped stickers from his or her most favorite idols and characters? Expressions such as “I got it” or “Would want to swap?” have been part of school playground conversations for decades. The sticker has this unique thrilling component about which very few games can boast. That excitement when opening a packet and checking whether you’ve got the sticker you were looking for to complete your collection, or the pleasure of having a battery of stickers to play and / or swap.


Besides any technological progress made and the new playing tools for the youngest fans, which are highly digitalized, the sticker as it is still remains alive and keeps on being a good interaction and integration tool among kids.


In Girones Industrial we want to take one step further from the traditional sticker that we all know. Taking advantage of our know-how and experience as a company specialized in the printing and packing of children’s collections, we have incorporated new machinery that allows us to print and pack customized sticker collections for schools, sport clubs, or similar institutions. With such product, kids become the main characters by collecting stickers of their own classmates or team. Stickers are packed randomly in customized paper packets, along with the sticker album. Every project is 100% customizable, which means that the client can choose among sizes, quantities and design of the stickers, as well as the packets and albums.


What is attractive about such customized sticker collections is not only how appealing they are for the kids to have their own sticker collection, but they can also become a source of income for sport clubs, schools or other institutions.